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Can Massage Help Me?
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Bodywork can help all sorts of ailments. Here are some guidelines and questions to ask yourself:

Do you suffer from frequent headaches?

Massage is most helpful with headaches stemming from emotional stress and muscular tension. Muscles in the head, neck, shoulders, face, and jaw are the cause for most headaches. Massage is somewhat less effective for migraine sufferers, but most people who believe they suffer from migraines might be surprised to find their pain comes from musculo-skeletal causes such as trigger points and jaw pathologies.

Headaches from eyestrain and medication probably won't respond to bodywork. More serious conditions can also cause headaches, so check with your doctor if you're worried.

Does pain in your ribs or side seem constant and sometimes keep you awake at night?

you will benefit from deep tissue massage and neuromuscular therapies

Do you suffer from tendinitis such as tennis or golfers elbow; rotator cuff syndrome,, knee pain, achilles tendonitis, or other repetitive strain?

Deep cross-frictioning of the injured tissues will help your body heal, while treating the surrounding muscles will relieve tension in the joints and prevent further injury.

Are you having trouble sleeping?
A restorative massage that incorporates acupressure may help

Are you physically active? Do you play sports?
Sports massage and corrective exercize training can improve your performance and prevent injuries.

Do you suffer from regular back pain? 
Massage. Back pain can have numerous causes...muscle imbalances in the legs and hips, trigger points just about anywhere, ligament sprains, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, weakness in the core muscles, nerve entrapment, and spinal issues, etc. Massage therapists cannot perform spinal manipulations, but can help address most of these issues.

Usually back pain is resolved with a combination of massage, exercize/physical therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and chiropractic. These avenues should alway be pursued before agreeing to surgery, in my humble opinion

Are traditional medical treatments not resolving your pain? Are doctors suggesting surgery?

Many physicians often overlook the role of muscular and postural problems that can mimmick internal, vascular, or neurological ailments. The same can be said in reverse, so always check with your doctor when you are sick. But if medical roads short of surgery have failed, it cannot hurt to consider bodywork.

2010 Copyright CDF Therapeutic Bodywork. All Rights Reserved.
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