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November 09

The Best Cure for a Headache...

Many people are suffering from headaches this time of year and it can be due to allergies, changes in sunlight, and stress in various forms.

The best bodywork approach to treating headaches is a shotgun approach involving neck, forehead, face and jaw work. Thanks to a new headache workshop I attended with Ben Benjamin this fall, we've added a second barrel to the shotgun by focusing on the release of emotional tension, much of which can be done at home.

Here's a good one inspired by Halloween: At the end or middle of each day, scream as loud and long as you can while holding a pillow or towel over your face. Do it three times, lying down, and kick your feet and the same time. Leave the pillow out for added drama.

That's just one trick. If headaches are a problem for you, make an appointment for an assessment and a treatment that includes some of these techniques.

Accepting Nominations

All the screaming and smothering just adds to our anxiety this month because Citysearch is again holding its annual "Best of Citysearch" contest in the massage category. We hit number one last year thanks to our loyal clientele and we aim to do it again in 2009.

Things have changed a little so that this year there are separate nomination and voting periods. From now until Nov 11 we would ask for you to look up "CDF Therapeutic Bodywork" and hit "nominate this business." (or click the link to the left) After Nov 12, if enough nominations are received, you can go back and actually vote (every day even)!

Thank you in advance for helping us achieve these top rankings. We are VERY grateful!

Two Birds, One Stone, and Some Pies

I thought I'd ramp up my philanthropic efforts this month-what with the holidays approaching-and luckily plenty of opportunities have presented themselves. Please help me...

As of this writing there were still tickets available for the "Circle of Friends" party Saturday to benefit CRI's life-saving AIDS research efforts (including cutting edge ones that drug companies won't benefit from and therefore won't fund).

I am also selling pies to benefit Community Servings' efforts to feed the critically ill in Greater Boston. There are five varieties each for $25.

To sweeten the proposal, I will randomly choose a pie buyer to receive a free extra ticket I have to the CRI event, worth $50.

Call or email to help out! Get tickets or donate directly from Erin Molloy at CRI at Click on the link to the left to buy a pie.

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"Each visit is unique from the last -- it's as if he intuitively knows exactly what issues your muscles are facing on that particular day and treats them accordingly"


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