“I've had chronic shoulder pain for years, and have tried all sorts of remedies...Within a few minutes after our first session, I suddenly seemed to have more space in my shoulder than I had had in years.” 
– Rob C., 

Cambridge, MA
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Wellness is seldom a one-stop shopping experience! We recommend some of the following complementary services and modalities. You may find some approaches work better than others for you, and the same can be said for practitioners, so we're listing several of our favorites in each category. 

Physical Therapy
This modality helps patients heal and stave off further injury through specific exercizes, stretches, soft tissue work, and advanced assessment skills. At least half of our clients use massage and physical therapy in conjunction with each other.

I have had amazing success at Kennedy Bros Physical Therapy in Copley Square in healing rotator cuff injuries and knee pain from running. They are attentive, skilled, and welcoming. If you've had a bad experience with "meathead" PTs, Kennedy Bros is a breath of fresh air.

Brian Barkwell at Barkwell Physical Therapy takes PT to the next step in terms of personal attentativeness. He's the sole proprietor and practioner. He's also here in our office at Saldare Body Therapy, and that's one-stop shopping after all.

Chiropractors work to bring the body back into its natural alignment through spinal manipulation, neuromuscular retraining, and nutritional/body chemistry screening. They differ vastly in their approaches but almost always work hand-in-glove with massage therapy. Some specialize in "light touch" manipulation for people squeamish about the "whack'n'crack."

Some of our favorite chiropractors are Peter McManus and Jonathan Melman, both in Copley Square.

Personal Training
If you've been to Saldare you know some of the best personal trainers are right upstairs from CDF Bodywork. I've trained with all of them at one point or another. Find your favorite style and personality among the following: Jennifer Menzer, Marc Irving, Nicole Ricci, Joseph Turmel, and Brendan McKee. Click on the Saldare Body Therapy link above to contact them..

This Eastern medical model is thousands of years old and used to treat everything from smoking cessation to repetetive strain injuries. Here are Saldare you can schedule a needling with Joseph Capozzoli at True Balance Acupuncture.

Long-time acupuncturist, yoga instructor, and author Terry Connell also hangs his shingle in the South End. Check him out at East Meets East Healing Arts.